Saginaw Etc





363 ft

Begins in:
Cambridge, ON, Canada
Created By:
Theresa Edmonson
16 - 24km routes: Ellis to Cooper. Left on Cooper to Jamieson Pkwy (JP). Left on JP to Townline Rd. Right on Townline to Canamera (3 km). Right on Canamera to Lingard (4.5km); to Bishop St/Burnett (5.5 km). Left on Burnett and options: <br> 1) For usual 16kmish..take Burnett to Saginaw. Right on Saginaw to Franklin. Right on Franklin to Canamera and take Canamera back to Townline to arena etc = 16km <br> 2) For 18kmish: Same as #1, except on the way back along Canamera, turn LEFT at Lingard and up to Thompson. Left on Thompson, cross over Sheldon Dr out to Fleming. Right on Fleming to Sheldon. Left on Sheldon to Lingard. Right on Lingard to Canamera. Left on Canamera to Townline and in to arena <br> 3) For 21 or 24km: Same as #1 and #2 in that you turn Left onto Burnett. The turn left onto Glenvalley. Take Glenvalley around out to Saginaw. Right on Saginaw to Burnett. Left on Burnett down to Cowan. Right on Cowan up to Saginaw. Left on Saginaw to Franklin. Right on Franklin to Canamera. Take Canamera to Lingard and do the Thompson/Sheldon loop as in #2. Back out to Canamera to Townline Rd. For 21km..go back along JP to Cooper and do the Adler loop. For 24km...stay on JP to Franklin. Right on Franklin up to Winston Blvd. Right on WB to Cooper. Left on Cooper to Adler. Right on Adler around to Ellis and in.


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