Heredia -> San Jose - 12 km





591 ft

Begins in:
Heredia / San Jose, Costa Rica
Created By:
Robert Name
We start at the Auto-Mercado in Her&eacute;dia. This run is ridiculously dangerous. I was an idiot to have done it, but at least I can plead ignorance. YOU can&#039;t... <br> <br> Running it in the morning puts you at odds with rush-hour traffic on its way into the city of San Jos&eacute;. There are many segments where you&#039;re going to have to run on the narrow curb of a bridge or in the grass/dirt/garbage along the side of the road. It&#039;s not for the faint of heart... <br> <br> Anyway, I ended up in front of some church in San Jose, where I stretched out and took a taxi back to Heredia. It cost about 6000 Colones. <br> <br> (I&#039;m sorry that many of the &quot;e&quot;s in this description (and the title) are missing accents. Stupid can&#039;t seem to handle these characters...)


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