13.54mi snow skiing, downhill on 3/22/13




Winter Sport / Activity

6158 ft

Begins in:
Ennis, MT, United States
Created By:
susanglovsky Best Time: 1:52:55
This is a 13.54 mi Winter Sport / Activity in Ennis, MT, United States. The Winter Sport / Activity has a total ascent of 6158.56 ft and has a maximum elevation of 9,186.55 ft. This route was created by susanglovsky on 03/22/2013. View other Winter Sport / Activitys that susanglovsky has done or find similar maps in Big Sky.
Winter Sport / Activity


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 1 0.06 mi/1.63 mi 1.57 mi 7,591 ft/8,988 ft 16.9%
Cat 1 3.26 mi/4.58 mi 1.32 mi 7,628 ft/8,570 ft 13.6%
Cat 1 6.33 mi/9.59 mi 3.26 mi 6,952 ft/8,682 ft 10.1%
Cat 1 10.97 mi/12.22 mi 1.25 mi 7,634 ft/8,690 ft 15.9%

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